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Covid-19 Updates

Updated 7th November 2020

The government has declared (again) that churches are not to meet for formal worship services—this time until the 2nd of December. I find this unfortunate and have joined other pastors from throughout the nation to challenge the government over this issue. Earlier in the week, a large group of us made a legal request for a judicial review of these new and unprecedented decrees. As with most legal matters, there are complications. It is beyond the scope of this letter to explain all that is currently being done, but some Christian leaders are taking significant action—and I have been actively supportive of them.
For this Sunday, we have made a decision to broadcast our 10.30am service. This Sunday we will not open our doors to the public. This is not a decision we make quickly or lightly. Gathered, corporate worship and body ministry is a command from God in Scripture, and even though an internet broadcast is better than nothing, it is still significantly limited. We are called to be a body: to break bread, to share in one cup, to baptise, to embrace, to lay hands on one another in prayer and blessing. These things are of great value to us, and we do not forsake them lightly—even for a week or a month. We encourage, therefore, our people to gather with fellow believers in whatever ways they believe honours God in the coming weeks. These are trying times, and both wisdom and conviction are needed. 
In the meantime, I am still happy to pastorally visit anyone in the congregation who asks. We will update you if and when there are changes to our Sunday meetings before the 2nd of December.
I hope you are managing well amidst all the political and social uncertainties of the week. When the world loses its marbles, Christians have a place of peace in God they can go to.