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Christian Environmentalism

Christian Environmentalism Discussion

This Saturday, many of us had planned to be at Kings Park, but that has had to be cancelled for obvious reasons – nevertheless we will be running the planned “break-out” session on Christian Environmentalism on Saturday 7:30pm-8:30pm.  

There is of course a growing concern for the current state of the planet and the future prospects for the climate and the animal kingdom, and historically Christian theology – particularly the concept of Man having “dominion” over the earth (Genesis 1:26) – has been seen by many as part of the problem.  During this session we will look at some alternative views on how we as followers of Christ should relate to the natural world and discuss this together.  

The discussion will be facilitated by one of our Elders, Andrew Proudfoot and we plan to use the Webex virtual meeting app which will allow Andrew to present some slides and then for us all to have a discussion.  If you are interested, please let Andrew know by email, and he will add you to the meeting invite list.