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What is God like?  

We are assuming that if you have clicked this far you already believe in God’s existence but even if that is not the case the questions ‘Does God exist?’ and ‘What is God like?’ both find their answer in the same place – the person of Jesus Christ.

2,000 years a man called Jesus walked this earth, claiming to be the one true God who had entered this world to reveal and to rescue. So, if we want to know if God exists and what He is like, then the best place to start is to examine the life and claims of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Reveals

Jesus taught ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’[1] meaning that He is God revealed to us in a way that we can understand, or as one of his closest disciples would later write: ‘No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in the closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.‘[2]  When we see Jesus we see God revealed, so what is God like?    

As we read the eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life we see Him as someone who is filled with compassion.[3]  He befriended the outcasts,[4] defended the defenceless and forgave those society thought were unforgiveable.[5] Jesus brought healing and wholeness to those without hope,[6] rest to the restless and release to those weighed down.[7]  He declared Himself to be the one with all power and authority and yet He came not ‘to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’[8]  Because not only did Jesus come to reveal what God is like He also came to rescue. 

Jesus Rescues  

As wonderful as this revelation of God in Jesus is, we struggle to believe it.  The Bible teaches that as humanity we embraced the lie that God is the enemy, we rebelled in the name of freedom only to become enslaved.[9]  In turning from the Author of Life we became captive to corruption and death.  By nature, we are turned away from God and His ways and seek to do what is best in our eyes, it’s what the Bible calls sin – a destructive path that leads to destruction.[10]  But God in His great love has made a way that we might come back to Him.  Jesus said He came to give His life as a ransom for many.  His death on the cross was no tragic accident but the means by which we might be forgiven and freed from our rebellion.[11]  Then rising on the third day Jesus broke through death, and now offers us new life.[12]  One day Jesus will bring His justice to reign fully on the earth, all that persists in opposition to His good and perfect rule will be eternally destroyed.[13]  Until then Jesus has called His church to share this good news.  He patiently waits, not wanting anyone to perish[14] but for people to embrace the truth of who He is, to embrace His promise of forgiveness and to turn to Him and find true eternal life.

How will you respond to this good news?       

We run a course called Christianity Explored that provides you with the opportunity to explore the Good News about Jesus Christ further. 

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